Sauna Eclipse

Tradycyjna sauna w kombinacji z infrasauną dla 6 osób

Dane techniczne Infrasauny

  • Tradycyjna sauna w kombinacji z infrasauną
  • Materiał: specjalnie wygładzane drewno cedrowe
  • 6 mm bezpieczne, hartowane  szkło dymne drzwi oraz płyt bocznych
  • Cyfrowy panel sterujący
  • 12 szt. energooszczędnych promienników RedlightTM: 4,8 kW / 230V
  • Tradycyjny piec saunowy (1. szt.)
  • Oświetlenie — chromoterapia (LED)
  • Wbudowane stereo FM radio
  • Wentylator
  • Wymiar: 1900x1900x2100 (mm)

Red Cedar
the raw material of our infrasaunas – is a luxury wood with special appearance and fragrance. The most precious and durable type of woods. Its colour is not as red as its name marks. Has tones like pale honey, light caramel or amber. Red Cedar’s oil is anti-inflammatory, cell regeneration, wound healing, lym-phatic system controller and detoxification. Works as an effective expectorant, particularly in the winter season. Its characteristic flavor has a positive effect on the soul: strengthens, heats, reposes and renovates; relieves stress and fret.
Our saunas keep their fragrance for many years

Energy saving RedLight™ heaters
Purchase of an infrasauna with energy saving RedLight™ carbon heaters not only saves money but helps to protect the earth`s resources. We reached our products` maximum energy savings in all respects as a result of our researches. High thermal efficiency reached with 30% less than the energy demand of a metal heating element. Characterized longevity, 5000-7000 hours. Gives an immediate felt of warm with a similiar heating time of a bulb. In other manufacturer`s saunas this time could take 15-20 minutes, which time you must wait and your electric meter spins. Our infrasaunas radiate solely in the so-called „far infrared rays” (fir) province, between 1.5 μ m and 15 μ m. This province is called „life-giving light”. The skin absorbs far infrared rays faster. Gives similar thermal comfort of a fireplace fire. Doesn`t emit harmful, high-frequency electromagnetic and uV rays. Far infrared rays take effect directly on the body without the warm-up of surrounding air.

16 890,00 zł netto

Cena sauny

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