Fjord plunge

Fjord plunge

Fjord plunge pool follows the principles of cold therapy, which nowadays has a great popularity. The plunge pools with cold water is the most effective cooling bath, even after a physically demanding workout  or sauna after a busy day. With heat pumps we cool the water to 10-15 °C, in which even a short bath can be particularly beneficial in health aspects. A sudden temperature change is  good for the heart and circulatory problems, and stimulates blood circulation as well.

Try the benefits of our newest Fjord plunge pool!

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Cena wanny SPA ze standardową specyfikacją i standardowym wyposażeniem


Digital Control System
Built-in heat pump (4.5 kW)
WPS frame structure
Voltage requirement: 1 x 16A 230V / 50HZ
Anti-bacterial filter