Jacuzzi Neptune


Shell material PU reinforced antimicrobial acrylic (6,3 mm)
in Pearl White os Sterling Silver colour
Total number of bathers 6 Prs
Lounge beds 1 Prs
Seat 5 Prs
Water volume 950 l
Net weight ~350 kg
Power requirement
1 × 16A (230V/50Hz) minimu
Total number of jets 22
Hydro massage pump 1 × 2 HP 2 speed (230V/50Hz)
Ozonator 1
Filter 1 superfine paper filter
Chromotherapy lighting 10 × 1 LED
Heating unit 3kW/230V/50Hz
3kW/230V/50Hz – Plug&Play
Thermo cover 1
Controller Wellis Easy 4
Drain ¾”
Headrests 3
User guide neptun user guide

Największe zalety Wellis Venus SPA

14 300,00 zł netto

Cena wanny SPA ze standardową specyfikacją i standardowym wyposażeniem.

Informacje o urządzeniu i wyposażeniu:

Opcje dodatkowe


    The Xtreme™ cover adds insulation value to the spa in a region of extreme snow and cold. Xtreme™ covers add approximately 5 cm of insulation above the standard cover. Relax, knowing the spa is safe and the heat is insulated, even in severe weather conditions.

    Our high quality Thermo covers are an important feature of your spa, designed to keep the heat in and your energy costs down. Available in two colours to compliment our choice of cabinet shades.

    Regular cleaning of your spas fiter will extend its life but they should be replaced periodically to ensure optimum performance and perfect water quality.

    The insulated Spa Bag provides protection from the weather and UV radiation, so keeping your spa in great condition between uses. It will also reduce heat loss and electricity costs during the colder winter months.

    With this elegant SpaUmbrella you can enjoy your hot tub any time, regardless of whether it is raining, snowing or sunshine. The foot of the base simply slides underneath the spa.

    Makes removing the spas thermal cover easy for anyone to do on their own and conveniently stores it at the back of the spa, protecting it from damage.

    The SpaCaddy rotating tray is sturdy and versatile so now the snacks, drinks, and more can be placed easily within reach.

    With its wide tread of 90 cm and its weight capacity of more than 300 kg, the Myline Spa Step makes access easy.

    Take control of your spa anywhere at anytime. Sit back and enjoy the all new Spa Application for your SmartPhone™. Set the temperature, heat mode, lights and pumps all with a single touch. (Venus, Saturn)

    The spa mounted SpaRail offers additional access safety and convenience for young and old.

    The Spa Step makes getting in and out of the spa safer and more convenient.

    Plays music wirelessly via a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or MP3 device (wired connection can also be made with stereo RCA inputs). Control music directly from the Bluetooth enabled device or with handheld or wired remote controls. As with all MYMUSIC waterproof or marine stereos is designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions associated with use in spa applications.